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 Please join me!!  

Tuesday, August 27th, it will be my honor to again lead a group of local community leaders on an important mission. Please join me as we travel together to the State Fair where we will spend time with Governor Polis, Denver metro mayors, State and City elected officials, and important civic and business leaders in a very informal, relaxed setting. It is important to our community, and to me, that you and other highly respected local leaders help me take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to tell the Colorado Springs story to individuals who can, and do, have a significant impact on our future.  

Our group is called the Pikes Peak Posse, and for the past 20 years we have spent an afternoon together at the State Fair. Using tax deductible donations from the Posse members, we participate in the junior livestock auction by bidding against, in friendly competition with Denver community and political leaders to buy animals raised by 4-H and FAA kids from all over Colorado. These impressive, hardworking youngsters use the funds earned from the sale of their animals to advance their education.  

So, I offer you a “two-fer”.  You can help me take advantage of this unique opportunity to represent Colorado Springs to Denver metro, Pueblo, Western slope, and State leaders while, in the process, supporting a great cause and some very special kids. This is a high-powered event at which we can use friendly dialogue (lobbying) to establish relationships with those who will affect our community's future and our economy.  While the focus is often on Denver players, there is also important work to be done with Pueblo leadership.  

Here's the deal; please make a tax deductible contribution to the Pikes Peak Posse through the Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation for $500, all which will be spent on the purchase of animals. As well, you will be joining a very distinguished and high profile group whose very participation will help me send a message to many of those who affect us in meaningful ways. On August 27, we will assemble at the City Auditorium for lunch and then board buses heading for Pueblo, returning between 7PM and 9PM. The bus trip itself provides an opportunity to have informal conversation with other local community leaders.  Upon arriving at the State Fair Exhibition Hall in Pueblo, the kids who raised the animals on which we will be bidding, will show them to you and will thank you personally for your participation. These are very special youngsters who will increase your faith in the next generation. You can observe and participate in the auction itself and mingle with other public and private leaders from throughout the State while enjoying a very tasty buffet dinner. Great fun and a great opportunity.  

Please join me and the Pikes Peak Posse on August 27 and help us represent Colorado Springs and outshine the Denver Rustlers. To register and for all details and information please go directly to our website, or, if you have questions, call Diedre Smith at 719-337-3564 or drop me a quick line at   

Thanks, and I look forward to spending August 27 with you as we collectively send a message to Denver and all of Colorado.   

John Suthers

Dirk Drapers Invitation



From:Dirk Draper <>
Date: July 15, 2019 at 7:49:19 PM MDT
To: Undisclosed recipients:;
Subject: 2019 Pikes Peak Posse - Tues, Aug 27. 2019

Chamber & EDC Board of Directors and Board of Governors,

Pikes Peak Posse heads to the State Fair on Tuesday, August 27! Headed up by Steve Schuck, Mayor John Suthers, and organized by Scott and Diedre Smith, the Posse was founded 20 years ago to travel to the State Fair and compete with the Denver Rustlers at the 4-H livestock auction. Sales proceeds provide scholarships for middle and high school students who participate in 4-H and FFA programs. The event also provides Posse members the unique opportunity to meet with the Governor, elected officials and business leaders from up and down the Front Range. This is an great day to meet with statewide political and business leaders – and I hope you will be part of the Posse. The schedule for August 27th is:

11:00AM-12:30PM           Meet at Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame for light lunch, 101 Pro Rodeo Drive

12:30 PM                           Buses depart for the State Fair

2-3:30 PM                         Socializing, buffet dinner, open bar. 

3:35 PM                            Auction Begins

6 PM                                 Bus departs for COS, arrive 7:00 PM

The cost is $500 for prior participants, and $550 for first-timers, which is tax deductible contribution. Register at, read the attached letter for more information, and if you still have questions call Diedre Smith at 719.337.3564.

I hope you can join the Pikes Peak Posse on Aug 27th. 


Dirk Draper

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 719.575.4321 | Cell:  719.439.5065